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The revival of Vézelay’s vineyard is closely linked to the one of the Cave Henry de Vézelay, now known as the "Vignerons de la Colline Eternelle". Following the phylloxera crisis in 1884, the regional vineyard disappears.


Replanting with quality varieties dates from 1973. It takes origin in the will of a small group of men (stemming from various backgrounds), which decides to start the adventure of rebuilding the vineyard of Vézelay.


In order to select the best vines, a sample vineyard is planted in the village of Asquins with differents varietals (Chardonnay - Pinot Noir - Auxerrois - Melon - Gamay).

After ten years of effort, the work of the new wine-growers is crowned with success in 1985 with the granting of INAO (French national Institute for Quality Wines) which recognizes the naming Bourgogne (Burgundy) for vines Chardonnay and Pinot noir on a geographical area of 330 ha, distributed on 4 villages: Saint-Père, Asquins, Tharoiseau, Vézelay.